Like many people, I am not a massive fan of Mondays.  After a busy and fun weekend, Mondays arrive like some kind of Killjoy which must be endured!  However, what if you view Monday differently and see it as a day full of potential and exciting opportunities.  This is easier said than done, so here are some top tips which should help Mondays become more enjoyable (or at least bearable):

Sleep but don’t snooze

If, like me, you like to socialise at the weekend, you most likely will have had a late night on Friday or Saturday (possibly both?!).  Sunday is the perfect evening to relax with family, pamper yourself and have an early night to get plenty of sleep.  HOWEVER, on Monday morning do not feel tempted to hit the snooze button!  By doing this, you are telling your body “false alarm” which results in a more groggy and slow wake up rather than getting up straight away.

Stretch and visualise

Get up when your alarm goes off but don’t leap out of bed like the house is on fire!  This puts you in flight or fight mode and sets the wrong tone for the day.  Instead take a few minutes to stretch, practise gratitude and visualise your day and week ahead.


There are countless studies that show exercise not only motivates and improves work performance but also pulls you out of a slump.  Every Monday morning after I drop my kids at school, I hit the gym and do a RPM class (although not now because of the broken wrist!).  During the class, it feels like hell but afterwards I am totally invigorated and ready to tackle the day ahead!  Going to the gym on Monday morning may not be possible for everyone but walking for 10-15 minutes certainly is.   This brief exercise will release some stress and endorphins and kick your body into action.

Don’t let your inbox rule your day

The beginning of the week is the time when you set your mental state for the week. Stay focused on the big projects ahead and devote brain power there. The distractive power of email can take your brain away from big planning and into the small issues which can really wait.

Schedule work that has tangible results on Mondays

Just like exercise pulls you out of a slump, so will working on projects where you can see immediate results. Do tasks and projects that can be completed and ticked off your list! If you’re anything like me, you will find that finishing a to-do list will do wonders for your soul.

I hope you enjoyed these top tips!  HAPPY MONDAY!!