The spotlight Series Podcast

"The Spotlight Series – Don’t Just Survive, Thrive” podcast was borne out of the 2020 global pandemic.

Season 1 was launched to help people through the pandemic by talking to a variety of experts about topics such as psychology, finance and health.

Season 2 focused on more work related issues including HR, marketing and leadership.

Season 3 is centred on the IT industry, specifically tech startups. There are also Career Spotlights from senior IT people revealing the secrets to their impressive career trajectories.


Rav Raniga, Elara.AI

Jonathan Girroir, Technical Evangelist at Tech Soft 3D

Colin Goudie and Charles Connell, Co-founder of Userlot


"The Spotlight Series - Don't just survive, thrive" Highlights of 2021

Mary Callaghan, Senior Director of Product Management at Hitachi Energy

Evan Cummack, CEO of

Guest Podcast with Inspiring Ideas by Madhu Sundararajan and Abhinav Raje

Eli Harrell, Co-Founder of

Miriam van Heusden, Founder of Maralytics

Yaniv Bernstein, Former Head of Engineering at Google & Airtasker

Vijay Solanki, co-founder of ParentalEQ

Leanne Kemp, Founder of Everledger

Adam Amos , Director of Robotic Systems

Justin Falk , Founder of TalentVine 

Simon Keefe, Former Atlassian Tech Leader

Ken Auer, Founder of Role Model Software

David Davies, Founder of AgUnity

Mike Seidle of Pivot CX

Rosie Attwell, Artificial Intelligence Delivery Lead

Jeff Jaraved & Taryn Syratt, Founders of CAASie

Stewart Marshall, Commercial Software Strategist and bestselling author

Tony Ryan, Education Futurist

Maree Beare, Founder of Wanngi

Dave West, Lead Data Scientist at Origin Energy & Founder of BatNav

Sharyn Doolan, Founder of Zijit

Prasanna Nagar, Founder of Zivora

Stephanie Khalil, Founder of OnRoute App

Kshira Saaga, Group Director of Data Science and Analytics at GFG

Faith Rees, Founder & CEO of SixPivot and Cloud Ctrl

Simone Joyce, CEO & Founder of Paypa Plane and Board Director for FinTech Australia


Anna Chipperfield, Head of People & Culture at businesDEPOT & Founder of Secret Women's Business

Luke Faccini, Chief Brand Strategist at The Sponge, Co-Founder of Good North and also author of “Impact Brand Storytelling"

Bianca Dillon, Founder of B:Content Marketing

Kylie Denton, Founder and Director of Performance Advisory Group

Chloe Rees, Programme Manager, “Change Wizard” and Innovator at Powerlink Queensland

Nerida Trappett, Director of Rivers Insurance Brokers

Tanya Williams, Digital Marketing Specialist and Chief of Everything at Digital Conversations

Sueanne Carr and Peter Turner, Founding Directors of Customer Frame

Chris Skehan, Director of The Picture AV

Mel Telecician, Director of

Edwin Trevor-Roberts, Career Expert and Co-founder of Resugraphic

Helen Gough, Founder of Growth Curators & Co-Founder of Resugraphic.

Naomi Wilson & Alistair Green, HR Consultants and Founding Directors of Focus HR

Mike Clark , Author, Speaker & Queensland State Leader for Key Person of Influence


Janine Lee, Founder of Domestic Violence Business Solutions 

Lorrie Brook, former Family Lawyer & Founder of Family Law Services Online

Ceri Jury, Chief Executive Officer of Advancer

Kelly Prosser, Director of Fluid Health

Georgia Henry, Culture Strategist & Director of Henry Reed

Llew Jury, Director & Investor at Sprint Ventures, Advancer and Reload Business Group & Entrepreneur In Residence at River City Labs

Tanya Meessmann, Founder of Girl Shaped Flames

Megan Kelly, Director of Superannuation at businessDEPOT

Sue Lester, Executive Coach, Mindset Trainer, Author and Keynote Speaker at Growing Content Pty Ltd

Cara Brett, Director & Senior Financial Adviser at Bounce Financial

Margie Ireland, Principal Leadership Coach & Psychologist at Connect-Inspire-Transform