Spotlight on Software Development

As an IT & Digital Recruiter, much of Nicola Steel’s time is spent meeting interesting people in the tech industry. In this series of insightful & informal interviews, Nicola talks to various tech professionals and start-up Founders about their careers, companies, challenges & insights.

Guest Podcast Guest with Inspiring Ideas Recommends Series by Madhu Sundararajan and Abhinav Raje

Guest Podcast with Andrew Romeo of Aerion Technologies

Pauline Fetaui, General Manager of River City Labs

Matt Holme, Co-Founder of YouPay

Dr Padma Gadiyar, Founder & CEO of

Russell Adcock, Senior Director of Engineering at Skedulo

Pete Blyth, Chief Technology Officer

Ben Stovold, Principal Software Engineer

Paul Chiu, Technical Lead 

John Novak, Senior Software Engineer 

Damian Karzon, Technology Lead